Full-length Plays

Sixteen actors (7 W, 9 M) or 8 with doubling (3 W, 5 M)
Running time 90 minutes

A narrator serves as our guide as we enter a world of short plays about colorful characters desperately pursuing love. What these characters watch on TV affects their behavior in powerful and subtle ways. This is a romantic comedy that will appeal to TV junkies, stalkers, futurists, and the cultured set.

  • PRODUCTION: Theater for the New City, directed by Stephen Cedars, produced by Tribes Players, August 9–13, 2017. Phoebe Mar and Katelyn Pearce were co-producers. Cast: Devon Caraway*, Phoebe Mar, Jason Nuzzo*, Peter Oliver*, Katelyn Pearce, Michael Pettey, Alexander Stine, Gabriel Wright*
  • DEVELOPMENT: Its first reading was at Saint Luke’s 2nd Monday Play Reading Series in February 2017, in New York City, thanks to founder Richard Sterne. It was directed by Lisa Milinazzo.
  • * Courtesy of Actors' Equity Association

    The LeakTwo-character tragicomedy (2 W)
    Available as a full-length and as a one-act

    At 39, Bea is leaving home to marry a man her mother has never met. Set in the rainy town of Anacortes, Washington, the play explores loss so deep it makes this family create a fantasy world that's hard to escape. Home might be a scary place, but what if leaving is even scarier?

  • DEVELOPMENT: Readings at Ensemble Studio Theatre, The Barrow Group, New Jersey Repertory Theatre, Innovative Stages, Playwrights and Actors Collective Theatre.
  • HONORS: Honorable Mention, Stage 3 Theatre Festival of New Plays, Sonora, CA, 2004; Finalist, Southwest Theatre Assn. New Play Contest, 2004; semi-finalist, PlayLabs Festival, The Playwrights Center, 2005; Moondance Film Festival, semi-finalist, stage plays category, 2006.
    Dark Comedy, 5 characters (2 W, 3 M)

    Susan and Rusty have been living the good life until...he starts barking like a dog and a former student follows her home and doesn't want to leave. This couple is melting down, right along with the economy, the American dream, and all that they once thought was as solid as the wedding rings on their fingers.

  • PRODUCTION: The Three Leaches, Denver, 2015, directed by Melissa Leach.
  • DEVELOPMENT: The Lark, Lake George Theatre Workshop, At Hand Theatre.
    Drama, 6 characters (3 W, 3 M)

    Audrey inherits a family farm and is haunted by her dead brother who got stuck behind when she made off for the city. This is a quintessential American play that asks whether it's possible to have a real future if you haven't reckoned with the past. Questions of home and obligations to the next generation loom large. Debt and its overwhelming burdens are real, as is the desire to escape the truth.

  • DEVELOPMENT: Summer 2015 Culture Project Reading Series; 2010 Sewanee Writers' Conference with Beth Henley and Dan O'Brien.
    Comedy, 2 characters (1 W, 1 M)
    Also available as a one-act monologue (1 M)

    A young ambitious Russian immigrant achieves the American dream. He is at the top, until his American girlfriend dumps him.

  • PRODUCTION: September 15-October 1, 2011, at the Cherry Lane Studio Theatre in New York City, directed by Lynn M. Thomson, starring Chris Kipiniak and Lindsey Gates, produced by Living Image Arts.
  • DEVELOPMENT: CHARLES WINN SPEAKS, the full-length play, was developed by Living Image Arts (Peter Marsh, Artistic Director and Mia Vaculik, Executive Director). Lynn M. Thomson provided dramaturgical and directoral support. Acts 1 and 2 were developed thanks to a commission from America-in-Play (Lynn M. Thomson, founder and artistic director).
    Romantic comedy, 8 characters (3 W, 5 M)

    The annual museum gala—champagne is flowing, egos need stroking, spouses are being neglected, and the “Etruscan Lovers” are coming to life. In this romantic comedy, people either adore or abhor the Etruscans. Yet these ghosts have lessons to impart . . . about the illusion of perfect love, the struggle to live in the moment, and the difficulty of moving on. But will anyone ever learn? And what did the Etruscans know anyway?

  • DEVELOPMENT: Reading at Ensemble Studio Theatre's “Octoberfest,” two readings at LaMama (directed by George Ferencz), staged reading at Cornwall Town Hall Players in Connecticut.

    Interactive theater project; multiple characters; audience participation.

    By The Story Gym
    Writers: C.S. Hanson, Holly Hepp-Galvan, Daniel Ho, Jack Karp, Lisa Reinke
    Director: Lisa Reinke

    Hundreds of faded photos were discovered in a crumbling Brooklyn Victorian. Whose were they? What memories did they capture? Special thanks to the people in Ditmas Park who showed me their wonderful neighborhood and inspired me with their stories: Babs Gold, Maddy Jacobs, Paul Catalanotto, and Laura Rozos.

    More about The Story Gym here. For more about the show's use of technology, read this review in New York Theatre Review.

  • PRODUCTION: New York International Fringe Festival, 2014.
  • DEVELOPMENT: The Brick, 2014.
  • Short Plays

    Prick Perfect takes place in the laboratory of Victoria Frankenlove, Ph.D. When Dr. Frankenlove makes a robot with the brain of a dolphin, does she create the perfect lover or a monster? Comedy (1 W, 1 M)

  • PRODUCTION: Theater for a New City, (George Ferencz, director). Featuring Jason Howard and Jenne Vath.
  • DEVELOPMENT: Commissioned by The Experimentals (George Ferencz, artistic director).
  • Dr. Darling is a screwball comedy in which a scientist wants Double D, his home-built female robot, to fly his home-built spaceship to outer space, but she has a different plan. Comedy (1 W, 1 M)

  • PRODUCTION: Theater for a New City, (George Ferencz, director). Featuring John-Andrew Morrison and Jenne Vath.
  • DEVELOPMENT: Commissioned by The Experimentals (George Ferencz, artistic director).
  • Under My Box SpringUnder My Box Spring opens with Olivia hovering over Bug, about to squash him to smithereens. And then the sweet talking begins. Is he a parasite or just what she needs? Comedy (1 W, 1 M)

  • PRODUCTION: The Three Leaches (Bryce Alexander, director).
  • In Combat Dating, sexual attraction becomes deadly. Comedy (1 W, 1 M)

  • PRODUCTIONS: Estrogenius Festival (Annie G. Levy, director; extended to encores series); Theatre for the New City (George Ferencz, director); At Hand Theatre (Sara Sahin, director); Curan Repertory Theatre.
  • Heideman finalist.
  • In Apologies to Vietnam, a plate of vegetables and rice lead a grad student and a Vietnamese woman to a startling revelation about what it means to be American. Comedy (1 W, 1 M)

  • PRODUCTIONS: Metropolitan Playhouse; Samuel French Festival.
  • In Falutin, a flutist and trombonist discover whether love can overcome an orchestral divide. Based on a comedy inspired by Cornelius Logan's The Vermont Wool-Dealer (1838). Comedy (1 W, 1 M)

  • DEVELOPMENT: Falutin was developed thanks to a commission from America-in-Play, Lynn M. Thomson, founder and artistic director Stage reading: America-in-Play, Tribeca Performing Arts Center.
  • PRODUCTIONS: City Theatre of Miami; Theatre for the New City, New York City; 3Graces, New York City.
  • Heideman finalist.
  • To read what the critics say, see Reviews and Press.
  • The Art of the Interview is about a teenage “Valley girl” who goes to a farm in the Midwest to interview her great uncle for a term paper. Comedy (1 W, 1 M)

  • DEVELOPMENT: Developed thanks to a commission from America-in-Play, Lynn M. Thomson, founder and artistic director and included in a staged reading of “Crossing Over: A Medicine Show Entertainment.”
  • Heideman finalist.
  • Available as a 10-minute and as a 20-minute comedy.
  • The Sabbatical is a four-character black comedy about a man who decides to put his wife in a storage locker. Comedy (2 W, 2 M)

  • PRODUCTION: Pittsburgh New Works Festival.
  • Workshop: Manhattan Theatre Source.
  • To read what the critics say, see Reviews and Press.
  • Out There is about a mother who tries to protect her daughter, Tulip, from the real world by entrapping her in a cave. Absurdist comedy (2 W)

  • Staged reading: Intentional Theatre Company, Waterford, CT.
  • Extremes is about a couple who are trying to make their way in the world after separating . . . on a day when they must be together. Drama (1 W, 1 M)

  • Developed at Ensemble Studio Theatre (Curt Dempster).
  • PRODUCTION: The Source in Washington, D.C. (Derek Goldman, director).
  • Heideman finalist.
  • To read what the critics say, see Reviews and Press.
  • Answers finds Valerie facing the biggest decision of her life without the usual help of her Magic 8 Ball. Comedy (1 W, 1 M)

  • PRODUCTIONS: Polaris North and Theatrix; finalist, Turnip Theatre Festival.
  • In Sacred Space, Will comes home to find Xenia throwing out the stove to make room for her home office. Comedy (1 W, 1 M)

  • PRODUCTION: Polaris North.
  • The Vision takes places in a rundown hotel in the Catskill Mountains, where George tells wife Stacy that he has bought the place. Comedy (1 W, 1 M)

  • PRODUCTION: The Theatre-Studio.
  • EST Marathon finalist.
  • In Becoming Becoming, Mitzi and hairdresser Jerry come together on the day when each is about to enter into a lifelong commitment with a less-than-ideal partner. Comedy (1 W, 1 M)

  • PRODUCTIONS: Muse of Fire; semi-finalist, Sam French One-Act Playwriting Contest.
  • Guatemalan Babies finds friends Sylvie and Peter dealing with loss in surprisingly different ways. Drama (1 W, 1 M)

  • Staged reading at First Stage/L.A.
  • In Lockdown with Pinky, a tough 18-year-old girl and a sensitive cross-dressing teenage guy grapple with everything from Miranda rights to Britney Spears to what to wear for Halloween. Comedy (1 W, 1 M)

  • PUBLICATION: 25 10-Minute Plays for Teens, Applause Theatre & Cinema Books, Editor Lawrence Harbison.